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cable::XMLSourceParser Class Reference

#include <cableXMLSourceParser.h>

Inheritance diagram for cable::XMLSourceParser:

cable::XMLParser cable::Object

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Detailed Description

Parser for input file generated by GCC-XML.

Definition at line 38 of file cableXMLSourceParser.h.

Public Types

typedef SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef Object Self

Public Member Functions

 cableTypeMacro (XMLParser, Object)
 cableTypeMacro (XMLSourceParser, XMLParser)
void GetFileNames (std::vector< std::string > &)
virtual const char * GetNameOfClass () const
XMLSourceElementGetSourceElement (const char *id) const
const char * GetSourceFile (const char *fid) const
SourceRepresentationGetSourceRepresentation ()
virtual std::istream * GetStream () const
bool Parse ()
void Print (std::ostream &) const
virtual void Register ()
virtual void SetStream (std::istream *is)
virtual void Unregister ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer New ()
static const ObjectSafeDownCast (const Object *obj)
static ObjectSafeDownCast (Object *obj)

Protected Member Functions

SourceObjectAddArrayType (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddClass (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddConstructor (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddConverter (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddDestructor (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddElementRepresentation (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddEnumeration (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddField (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddFunction (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddFunctionType (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddFundamentalType (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddMethod (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddMethodType (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddNamespace (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddNamespaceAlias (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddOffsetType (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddOperatorFunction (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddOperatorMethod (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddPointerType (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddReferenceType (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddStruct (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddTypedef (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddUnion (XMLSourceElement *element)
SourceObjectAddVariable (XMLSourceElement *element)
virtual void CharacterDataHandler (const char *data, int length)
bool ConstructSourceRepresentation ()
void End_Argument ()
void End_Base ()
void End_CvQualifiedType ()
void End_Ellipsis ()
void End_EnumValue ()
void End_File ()
void End_GCC_XML ()
void End_Unimplemented ()
void EndElement (const char *name)
void EndOther ()
void FreeSourceRepresentation ()
TypeGetConstructorReturnType ()
String GetErrorPrefix () const
TypeGetTypeFromId (const char *tid)
unsigned long GetXMLByteIndex () const
unsigned long GetXMLColumnNumber () const
unsigned long GetXMLLineNumber () const
bool ParseBuffer (const char *buffer)
bool ParseBuffer (const char *buffer, unsigned int count)
bool ParseStream ()
virtual bool ParsingComplete ()
virtual void ReportBadAttribute (const char *element, const char *attr, const char *value) const
virtual void ReportMissingAttribute (const char *element, const char *attr) const
virtual void ReportStrayAttribute (const char *element, const char *attr, const char *value) const
virtual void ReportUnknownElement (const char *element) const
virtual void ReportXmlParseError () const
void SetSourceObject (XMLSourceElement *element, SourceObject *object)
bool SetupClass (XMLSourceElement *element, Class *c)
bool SetupFunctionType (XMLSourceElement *element, FunctionType *type)
bool SetupNamed (XMLSourceElement *element, Named *named)
bool SetupVariable (XMLSourceElement *element, Variable *v)
void Start_Argument (const char **atts)
void Start_Base (const char **atts)
void Start_CvQualifiedType (const char **atts)
void Start_Ellipsis (const char **atts)
void Start_EnumValue (const char **atts)
void Start_File (const char **atts)
void Start_GCC_XML (const char **atts)
void Start_Unimplemented (const char **atts)
void StartElement (const char *name, const char **atts)
void StartOther (const char *name, const char **atts)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void CharacterDataHandlerFunction (void *parser, const char *data, int length)
static void EndElementFunction (void *parser, const char *name)
static void StartElementFunction (void *parser, const char *name, const char **atts)

Protected Attributes

ElementMap & m_ElementMap
FileMap & m_FileMap
void * m_Parser
int m_ReferenceCount
bool m_SourceParseError
std::istream * m_Stream
unsigned int m_UnknownElementNesting

Private Member Functions

void operator= (const Self &)
 XMLSourceParser (const Self &)


class  ElementMap
class  FileMap

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