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cable::TclGenerator Class Reference

#include <cableTclGenerator.h>

Inheritance diagram for cable::TclGenerator:

cable::Generator cable::Object

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Tcl wrapper generation class.

Definition at line 36 of file cableTclGenerator.h.

Public Types

typedef SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef Object Self

Public Member Functions

 cableTypeMacro (Generator, Object)
 cableTypeMacro (TclGenerator, Generator)
bool Generate ()
virtual const char * GetNameOfClass () const
SourceRepresentationGetSourceRepresentation () const
std::ostream * GetStream () const
void PrintConfiguration (std::ostream &os) const
virtual void Register ()
void SetSourceRepresentation (SourceRepresentation *sr)
void SetStream (std::ostream *stream)
virtual void Unregister ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer New ()
static const ObjectSafeDownCast (const Object *obj)
static ObjectSafeDownCast (Object *obj)

Protected Types

typedef ClassTypeSet ClassesForDerivedToBase
typedef ClassTypeSet ClassesThatNeedDestructor
typedef EnumerationSet EnumerationsThatNeedReturn
typedef EnumerationSet EnumerationsThatNeedValues
typedef StringVector GroupVector
typedef StringVector WrapperList

Protected Member Functions

void AddCvPointerType (const cxx::CvQualifiedType &target)
void AddCvReferenceType (const cxx::CvQualifiedType &target)
void AddSuperclassCvTypes (const cxx::ClassType *classType)
void FindArgumentCvTypes (const Type *argument)
void FindClassCvTypes (const Class *c)
bool FindConfiguration ()
void FindCvTypes ()
void FindFunctionCvTypes (const Function *f)
void FindMethods (const Class *c, MethodVector &methods, MethodVector &converters) const
void FindReturnCvTypes (const Type *returns)
bool FindWrappers (const Namespace *wns, const char *prefix)
bool FindWrappers (const Namespace *cns)
bool GenerateWrappers ()
const char * GetOperatorName (const char *name) const
String GetReturnTypeName (const Function *f) const
bool ParseName (const char *name, String &result)
bool ReturnsVoid (const Function *f) const
void WriteArgumentList (const FunctionType *ft, unsigned int offset, unsigned int count) const
void WriteClassWrapper (const Class *c, const StringVector &names) const
void WriteClassWrapperDefinition (const Class *c, const StringVector &names, const MethodVector &methods) const
void WriteClassWrapperRegistration (const Class *c, const StringVector &names, const MethodVector &methods, const MethodVector &converters) const
void WriteClassWrappers () const
void WriteConverterRegistration (const Class *c, const Method *m) const
void WriteEnumValueRegistration () const
void WriteGroupTypeHandlers () const
void WriteHeaders () const
void WriteImplicitArgument (const Class *c, const Method *m) const
void WriteMethodComment (const Class *c, const Method *m) const
void WriteMethodName (const Method *m, unsigned int index) const
void WriteMethodRegistration (const Class *c, const MethodVector &methods, unsigned int index) const
void WriteMethodWrapper (const Class *c, const MethodVector &methods, unsigned int index) const
void WritePackageInitialization () const
void WritePointerDerivedToBase (const cxx::CvQualifiedType &derivedType, const cxx::CvQualifiedType &baseType) const
void WriteReferenceDerivedToBase (const cxx::CvQualifiedType &derivedType, const cxx::CvQualifiedType &baseType) const
void WriteReturnBegin (const Function *f) const
void WriteReturnEnd (const Function *f) const
void WriteReturnEnumClasses () const
void WriteWrappers () const

Protected Attributes

ClassesForDerivedToBase & m_ClassesForDerivedToBase
ClassesThatNeedDestructor & m_ClassesThatNeedDestructor
ClassWrapperMap & m_ClassWrapperMap
String m_ConfigFileName
CvTypeWriter::Pointer m_CvTypeWriter
EnumerationsThatNeedReturn & m_EnumerationsThatNeedReturn
EnumerationsThatNeedValues & m_EnumerationsThatNeedValues
String m_Group
GroupVector & m_GroupVector
String m_Package
String m_PackageVersion
int m_ReferenceCount
SourceRepresentation::Pointer m_SourceRepresentation
std::ostream * m_Stream
WrapperList & m_WrapperList
bool m_WriteGroup
bool m_WritePackage

Private Member Functions

void operator= (const Self &)
 TclGenerator (const Self &)


class  ClassTypeSet
class  ClassWrapperMap
class  EnumerationSet
class  MethodVector
class  StringVector

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